Modern communications at a modern Trust: Complete Voice & Data at Dudley Academies Trust

Modern communications at a modern Trust: Complete Voice & Data at Dudley Academies Trust

Dudley Academies Trust was established to ensure a first rate education for the young people of Dudley and the surrounding areas. It is important to their organisation that all young people have a high-quality education that will give them the foundations they need for a fulfilling life and a rewarding future career.

Dudley Academies Trust brings together four Dudley secondary schools and two primary schools under the sponsorship of Dudley College of Technology.

Keeping everyone connected using up-to-date systems without high cost.

Dudley Academies Trust needed a communications solution that could scale to work effectively with changes in working situations and scenarios, with full integration into their Microsoft 365 stack. The Trust’s move into dedicated premises meant that they wished to fully embrace the cloud and the benefits of a cloud based telephony solution. Additionally, the Trust was looking for a solution that would fit the bill in terms of price and have the necessary set of features to help with efficiency. They were also looking for a solution that integrated with existing M365 systems.

Better communication, better engagement.

The Trust chose to deploy a Microsoft Phone System with MP54’s and a Yealink MP56 Teams Phone and Meeting Room facilities. What made the solution even better was that setup was very simple. Rolled out alongside their Central services move, on the technical side, the results were impressive. There were no dropped calls and staff found it easy to use after just a small amount of training. The key training benefit being that every member had used Microsoft Teams in some capacity previously and so understood it.

Fast rollout, fantastic ROI and no dropped calls.

Microsoft Phone System worked, and it worked well. Not only did the new system minimise IT headaches, but staff coming on board from various departments were able to pick up quickly how to use the solution – most staff didn’t even receive formal training.

Staff were able to be more productive, process calls more efficiently, and deliver outcomes quicker than before. Less pressure on staff meant that they were able to focus more on what really mattered – the Trust’s partners, parents and students getting in touch.

The customer experience was something that particularly stood out with staff seeing faster processes around handling call information between queues and repeat calls.

“From an IT perspective, customer and staff experience is a key thing”, said Callum Corrigan, IT Officer. “We’re always looking at it and trying to improve our services. Complete helped to streamline our processes by offering a true solution within the Microsoft stack alongside high levels of support and consultancy.”

In addition, Teams allows Trust staff to still make and receive calls whether they’re in the office, at one of their academies or working from home.

Please contact us for more information on the Microsoft Teams phone solution.