There are a huge range of benefits to using cloud-based technology for your phone systems including faster speeds and the removal of the need for expensive physical hardware and phone lines. Cloud-based hosting allows a business’s phone system to be hosted remotely and accessed via the Internet which means it is a software solution rather than a hardware one.

Traditional phone systems depend on a physical connection to an ISDN line and therefore incoming calls must be taken via a deskphone. Cloud telephony systems allow calls to be received on a traditional deskphone, softphone, or by mobile application. It is important to consider that all ISDN lines related to PBX systems will be switched off in 2025 so now is the time to consider cloud-based phone systems as the perfect alternative to keep your business connected.


Your IP network can be a powerful tool in communication as it can be used to connect securely over the Internet, or through your own dedicated connection. When a call is inbound, the phone will connect with the IP network and then to the remote host (the cloud). This is where the number will be connected and directed to the right destination.

To work efficiently you will need to make sure your business has access to a private Internet connection and enough bandwidth. Bandwidth is simply the speed at which data can pass through a network. Cloud telephony includes Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions and these can be monitored and upgraded so you will always have access to the most efficient systems for your needs.

VoIP systems work best when accessed via dedicated handsets that are connected to the Internet and provide enhanced features. Complete Voice and Data recommend the use of these virtual phones or IP handsets and provide complete training so they can be put to effective use within your business.

The benefit to using these VoIP phone systems is that they offer the ultimate in flexibility, allowing you to manage complex communications – locally, nationally, and internationally – across multiple sites with an intuitive, simple interface.

cloud solutions
  • Adaptable, flexible, and robust cloud-based phone systems
  • High speed connectivity boosts efficiency and keeps costs down
  • Gain an in-depth insight into your communications
  • Flexible access options make locations and distance irrelevant
  • Facilitates smoother collaboration between partners and suppliers
  • Dedicated account management and first-class support throughout your contract


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