Single Order Connectivity is here

What is SOGEA

  • A data-only broadband solution that is provisioned on a single order
  • Does not include voice services or a WLR/MPF line
  • Voice becomes an Over The Top (OTT) service like any other data service
  • Based on the current FTTC technology, using a combination of copper and fibre technology, without requiring a traditional telephony connection

The arrival of SOGEA transforms the way businesses work. Offering download speeds of up to 80Mbps, SOGEA provides faster, more reliable connectivity than ADSL, meaning users can do more online, without worrying about buffering.

Key Features

  • Available to 28 million UK premises
  • Freedom from lengthy contracts with 30-day terms
  • Simple migration journeys with minimal downtime
  • Simple to deploy
  • Future proof for the PSTN withdrawal – stop sell for WLR is 2023, switch off 2025
  • Simplified ordering and support experience – no WLR means no more SIM provide, or dual fault journeys

SOGEA Infrastructure

SOGEA technology is based on the current FTTC set up. Fibre technology is used from the local Exchange to the PCP (green street cabinet) and then copper from the PCP to the premises.

Why choose Complete Voice and Data for SOGEA?

  • We are one of the early adopters of SOGEA
  • Our products are designed to make it easy for you to future-proof your business

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