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Case study: Omex

Omex – Background

OMEX is a customer focused, dynamic group of companies operating throughout the world. They specialise in complex liquid formulas used in industries ranging from agriculture to energy.

Their customer and supply base comes from all over the world, resulting in their work force often travelling to remote and rural locations.

In a fast-growing and demanding industry, OMEX heavily rely on the expertise of third-party telecom providers to deliver a fully managed service, allowing the business to concentrate on what they do best.


OMEX have become heavily dependent on mobiles and technology that works instantly, meaning a reliable network is key.

Over the year’s OMEX have encountered problems such as signal issues and network outages with various providers. This meant that retaining Vodafone, a network they know and trust, was a priority.

Alongside network reliability, feature flexibility is crucial for OMEX. With varying roles and usage across the fleet, an inclusive and generous bundle incorporating usage across the UK, EU and Rest of World would provide the peace of mind the company needs. This bundle would also eliminate the need for contract maintenance and reduce the risk of OMEX overspending on their budget.


At Complete Voice & Data we carried out a full analysis to provide accurate insights into the usage and spend of their mobile users. After viewing the data, we chose a simple shared plan so all users on the account could benefit from unlimited minutes and texts in both the UK and EU.

We added a generous data bundle that included allowances for global calls and usage for users. This allowed staff to confidently use their phones without worrying about unnecessary excess costs.

The solution was implemented with zero downtime for the end users and OMEX are reaping the rewards of significant cost savings. We deliver quarterly reviews to discuss business changes and bill analysis which is important in providing full account management and support to OMEX.

Due to the high customer satisfaction from OMEX, other products and services have now been implemented and purchased as our client relationship continues to grow.

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