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Meet the team: Head of Unified Communications and Cloud, David Robinson

Experienced in supporting companies, in all sectors and sizes, David Robinson is an expert in creating a unified communications strategy for business. With a variety of experiences in the industry, David is the latest specialist to join the team at Complete Voice and Data.

Taking on the role of Head of Unified Communications and Cloud, David is delighted to be reunited with Mike Ridgway, who he first met back in 2005 when taking on his first role in the telecoms industry at Qualitel Business Telecoms Specialists, together they grew that business rapidly and become the first call for many local business leaders needing support with their business communications.

With 15 years’ experience in the sector, David knows what it takes to keep his clients connected, from winning million pound connectivity contracts to maintaining an industry-busting 95%+ customer retention rate.

His experience is further stacked up with complex knowledge of unified communications, connectivity and cloud sector, with ongoing training and certifications in a multitude of technologies, helping him to identify the best solutions and support his clients.

When focusing on his job role David said: “Thanks to Complete Voice and Data’s independence, we can offer the best-in-class products and services to allow our clients to achieve more in this mobile-first and cloud-first world.

“In the current climate, as face-to-face contact has been cut dramatically, communication and connections have never been more crucial. Making sure that our customers love our products, services and support so that they can drive growth, is something I’m truly passionate about.”

In his spare time, David’s focus is on his family, team sport and charity work, values that are reflected in his approach to looking after his customers; passion, teamwork and honest, impartial advice.

Want to find out how David can support your business by combining the perfect selection of digital communication and telecom solutions? Start the conversation today by calling 0333 772 9544 or email dave@completevoiceanddata.com

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