Changes to free roaming and how they will affect your business tariff

Changes to free roaming and how they will affect your business tariff

By now, you may have read clickbait style headlines “providers ending free roaming in the EU” – but what does it really mean?

So, what are the latest changes to mobile phone tariffs?

EE & 02

EE was the first provider to announce changes to roaming charges and the rest quickly followed suit. Both EE and 02 have made minor adjustments for consumers using their domestic allowance in the EU. However, both networks have so far said they won’t be making any changes to business tariffs at this time.

EE has introduced a £2 daily charge for new and upgrading personal mobile customers which came into effect in July. They’ve also created a Roam Abroad Pass for £10 which allows roaming in the EU for 30 days.

02 has updated its “fair usage” policy which caps the amount of UK data you’re able to use abroad.


Although Vodafone has confirmed that roaming will remain an inclusive part of some of their Xtra airtime and business plans, it will no longer be included in every plan, instead, low-cost daily roaming passes will be introduced.

Roaming charges won’t apply until January 2022, however, there will be changes to terms and conditions from now until the end of November for new and upgrading customers.

Roaming in Europe and beyond will be included with some of Vodafone’s plans as well as access to a market-leading 83 destinations worldwide.

To avoid ‘bill shock’ Vodafone will also be offering a choice of roaming passes too.

Other providers haven’t made any announcements yet but it’s likely they’ll be making changes in the foreseeable future.

So why have mobile providers decided to scrap free roaming in the EU?

EE has claimed the additional revenue will be used to “support investment into our UK-based customer service and leading UK network”.

From 1 January 2021, as Brexit took effect, it was no longer law to give UK mobile phone users free roaming. However, all providers at the time pledged to keep free roaming.

While it’s not clear how this will affect business tariffs in the future, thanks to the close relationships that we have built with the UK’s leading business mobile networks, we have the leverage to negotiate the best packages and business tariffs available on the market on behalf of our customers.

If you’re feeling uncertain about your current business communications plan and want some clarity on how roaming may affect your business going forward, please reach out to us for a no-obligation review.


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