Case study: Greenthumb

Case study: Greenthumb

Greenthumb – Background

Greenthumb is the number one lawn treatment service provider in the UK, established in April 1986 by Stephen Waring. They operate on a franchise model and most franchises are family run businesses. The end goal is to provide the best personal service to all their customers. The customer base is regionalised by postcodes and this can result in the workforce travelling to remote or rural locations.

In a competitive industry, each franchise relies on their communication channels to deliver and maintain high standards of customer satisfaction and retention. Therefore, an expert telecom provider is needed to deliver a fully managed communication service. This will allow the team to concentrate on providing the best service possible.

One such Greenthumb franchisee is that at South Stafford Ltd.


Throughout the Greenthumb franchise, team complete work either in teams or alone. This makes it vital for Greenthumb staff to be contactable, especially for lone worker compliance.

In addition to the need for reliable voice coverage on their mobiles, Greenthumb need robust and speedy data connectivity to access their Salesforce CRM. This online system enables direct access to back office job scheduling, work forms, and completion documents. The team update customer records immediately, schedule the next job and access routes.

To ensure the system can be used to its full capacity and streamline the working process, the team need a minimum 4G coverage wherever possible and a large data footprint.


At Complete Voice & Data we carried out a full network coverage analysis of the franchisee area. To ensure maximum productivity we focused on the spread of coverage, and depth of 4G connectivity to deliver the best possible user experience. In this case, on examination the EE network delivered the ‘best fit’ for the client.

We added a generous 20GB data bundle for each user to deliver enough access to download and upload all the required information when out in the field. We used a Sim-Only EE tariff basis to minimise the cost to Greenthumb. And they already had a fleet of Samsung Android handsets that were perfect for use, and 4G capable for data usage.

Unlimited voice and texts came as standard on the selected tariff. This allowed Greenthumb to confidently use their phones without worrying about unnecessary excess costs.

We put the solution in place with zero downtime for the end users. And now Greenthumb are reaping the time saving efficiencies and the increased ‘speed to invoice’. We deliver quarterly reviews to discuss any business changes and bill analysis which is important in providing full account management and support. This also means we can continue to confidently provide a ‘fit for purpose’ communication model for the team.

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