5 reasons why your business needs SoGEA

5 reasons why your business needs SoGEA

SoGEA, otherwise known as Single Order Generic Ethernet Access, is a data only broadband solution.

It’s based on the current fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) set up, but without a landline connection.

FTTC technology connects the local exchange to the primary cross connection point or PCP, these are the green cabinets you see along the side of the road or on your street. Copper wire then links the PCP to your premises.

The reason many businesses find SoGEA to be beneficial is that it can transform the way you work with improved download speeds at a more cost-effective price.

SoGEA has been established due to the decrease in demand for traditional phone line services. This is because many businesses are switching to cloud communication solutions as a result of the pandemic which created a need for digitalisation.

At Complete Voice and Data Solutions, our products are designed to make it easy for you to future-proof your business. That’s why we’re one of the early adopters of SoGEA, read our five reasons why your business should be using it:

Cost Saving

SoGEA is around 30% cheaper than FTTC as you only pay for receiving a broadband data connection and aren’t charged for landline calls you don’t need.

SoGEA is designed to be used with an online phone system such as Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. Pairing SoGEA with a cloud-based communication solution, will reduce your business bills and skyrocket your connectivity.

Fast connections

SoGEA provides faster, more reliable connectivity of up to 80Mbps as it’s a single connection focused solely on broadband. This means users can do more online, without the worry of buffering.

Even though it uses the same framework at FTTC, SoGEA users will benefit from improved performance and channel integrity due to reduced interference from phone call traffic.

Simple to deploy

SoGEA is quick to order and easy to install. This means you can keep your business connectivity up to date with minimum hassle.

A new SoGEA service can be installed within five working days without invasive downtime to your business’s communication channels. If you’re also deploying a cloud-hosted phone system this can be managed at the same time.

Future-proofed connections

As the deadline for the ISDN shutdown moves ever closer, businesses must consider new ways to effectively communicate. This means cloud-based systems have become a vital step in future-proofing business connections.

SoGEA is the best solution to support this change as it allows for high-speed broadband and seamless communication while eliminating landline phone charges.

Freedom to change

Available to 28 million UK premises, SoGEA comes free from the commitment of lengthy contracts thanks to our 30-day terms.

Offering simple migration journeys with minimal downtime, businesses can enjoy the freedom to upgrade their connectivity without having to dedicate crucial resources to the task.

At Complete Voice and Data Solutions we’ll handle the entire process for you, removing the stress of needing to order connections or manage the switch.

Ready to future-proof your business connectivity? Contact our team on 0333 772 9544 to find out more.

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