Mobile vs. Cloud – the best solution for business communication

Mobile vs. Cloud – the best solution for business communication

As the world adapts to the “new norm” brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are being forced to significantly improve their digital presence. A big part of that includes finding the best solution for remote business communication.

Company’s must look for an efficient, reliable and cost-effective system that allows easy contact with clients and colleagues, as this is critical for business success and growth.

The ISDN shut down should also be considered as it will limit those businesses using desk phones, meaning mobile or cloud are the best options for future-proofed communications.

So, which solution is best suited to your business needs?

Business mobile

As a leading supplier of mobile phone solutions for business, we can assure you that they’re still a highly valuable communication tool.

Most helpful for those who travel a lot or work away from their computers, mobiles can keep workers connected to the wider team while on the move or working remotely.

The use of mobile phones has demonstrated a boost in productivity, mobility, safety and morale in staff.

Using mobiles as an important business tool will help you see an improvement in communication, effectiveness and customer service as employees can easily remain in contact with the team, customers and suppliers.

With a comprehensive mobile strategy tailored to your business needs, you’ll see great benefits from mobile usage.

Taking part in Complete Voice and Data Solutions’ impartial review of your current business mobile requirements will help you to find the best plans that can also save you money and streamline your operations.

Cloud Communication

Cloud-based technology has a vast range of benefits for businesses such as faster speeds alongside the removal of expensive physical hardware and phone lines.

As the best solution for those who mainly communicate via their laptops or computers, cloud communications can support phone and video calls, including meetings and screensharing.

Thanks to cloud-based hosting a business’s phone system can now be held remotely and accessed via the Internet cutting out the need for desk phones and ISDN lines.

Also, if Microsoft Teams is a key communication tool for your business then Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is the perfect cloud solution for you.

Offering free calls, enhanced call control features and carrier grade infrastructure, Direct Routing will maximise the value of your Microsoft Teams environment.

With cloud communication, Complete Voice and Data Solutions can help you streamline processes, save costs on business calls, keep your existing phone numbers and receive or transfer calls from mobiles, desk telephones or software.

Ready to take your communication system to the next level? Contact our team on 0333 772 9544 to find the best solution for your needs.

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