Secure your business with Complete Voice and Data’s 8×8 technology

Secure your business with Complete Voice and Data’s 8×8 technology

8×8 provides integrated voice, video and chat capabilities in one global, secure and reliable cloud-based communications platform.  

From physical to data security, 8×8 protects your business communications with unmatched security and compliance policies and procedures. This is verified by 3rd party certifications, which essentially means that with our 8×8 offer, we simply deliver a solution you can trust. 

8×8 supports growth, increases the capacity and flexibility of your sales team, and allows greater control and visibility of inbound and outbound calls. It provides a complete insight via a reporting tool by tracking all communications. Using this platform provides you with a clearer view of your return on investment and allows you to make better, more informed decisions. 

Recently a customer of ours, RJS Solicitors, had increased their portfolio of clients substantially over a short period of time. This had put strain on their communications setup which was already experiencing issues due to an incumbent unresponsive provider.  

Rob Bailey, Managing Partner of RJS Solicitors commented: “As a company, we believe very strongly on delivering the best possible experience to our clients. The expansion of the business was adding pressure to our existing platform, so we needed to find an alternative.” 

He added: “We made the decision at the beginning of 2021 to find a new partner to support our communications infrastructure. As a company, we have a cloud-first policy and so the fact that 8×8 is a fully hosted service made it very attractive.” 

Complete Voice and Data’s technical team found a solution to support and streamline RJS Solicitors’ capability to manage their flourishing client base. Their calls are now routed to staff efficiently which reduces client’s wait times. 

8×8 provides businesses with a scalable, efficient, and comprehensive way of managing a contact centre. Virtual Office from 8×8 allows you to connect to popular business and CRM apps like Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, Teams and HubSpot. This will help you to achieve higher productivity without the associated cost and complexity you would usually expect. 

With the ISDN shutdown deadline also approaching, switching to a cloud-based platform to manage your communications as soon as possible is vital. Complete Voice and Data can provide multiple plans to suit all your business needs. We are able to support your company in tailoring the perfect approach. It is also possible to mix and match the number of licenses of each 8×8 product, to create a fully tailored communication solution.  

If your business is looking for ways to revolutionise its communication systems, just talk to our experts. 

 Contact Dave Robinson, our Head of Unified Communications and Cloud at dave@completevoiceanddata.com / 07725 006041. 



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